The noble idea of doing something good as well as big taken shape of “Dexterity Gurukul” initiative, which was commenced with the core ideas of “skill development” plus “robust learning process”. This statement gives fair good enough about what we intended to start and sustain.

Gurukul is working on the basic principle of Total Customer Service & Satisfaction (TCSS). We work through the methodologies of projects, plans and programs. Our programs are customized to the customer’s requirements and schedule programs around their time & venue.

Gurukul offers Business & Market Research & Solution, Business Innovation Consulting and Improvement Projects. Our Catalysts undertake the client's business ROI / outcome improvement projects with profit linked evaluation criteria. This ensures relevance of program.

Gurukul offers the excellence in HR education & engagement, e-learning Solution, Business linked learning and Improvement Projects. We undertake the onsite, offsite, online learning programs as well as environment through our learned global trainers and teacher.

Each organization is different from others. We specialize in design & development of new challenges & complex problem solving of 21st century at generic, strategic & tactical levels. No challenge is too big for the creative minds, and it requires exploration and experience.

  • Catalysts at Work
  • Learning Session
  • Practical Session
  • Compliance Audit

Dexterity Gurukul: A step ahead ...

  • Dexterity Gurukul Resources

    Practical & real world experience of its catalysts gained in senior management positions, while working with SME and large organizations, in the public and private sector, from start-ups to the Fortune 20 MNC organizations; is at the core of Gurukul service offerings.

  • Unified Diversity

    Gurukul team works under strong systemic approach and still have creative openness & freedom to do the unobtainable. We follow a common chord of process excellence yet work in many different sectors including manufacturing; retail; transport; ICT; engineering etc.

  • Unique Commonalities

    Gurukul programs, trainings, projects and workshops are designed to be so simple and easy to understand that the learners are smoothly aligned to the learning & improving process, despite the thoroughly blended & deep rooted hard core engineering principles into it.

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