DFSS Methodology

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is a business-process management method related to traditional Six Sigma. It is used in many industries, like finance, marketing, basic engineering, process industries, waste management, and electronics. DFSS is an innovative approach for the design or redesign of a process, product, or service from the ground up. It follows a 'pay me now or pay me later' adage by spending effort and time on creating a Six Sigma level process or product design up front, avoiding efforts to fix them later.

DFSS is a rigorous methodology (IDDOV) to optimize the design process. This methodology involves five (5) phases (Identify, Define, Develop, Optimize and Verify) and an array of advanced design tools (including quality function deployment, failure mode and effects analysis, functional analysis, experimental design, simulation, statistical optimization and robust design) etc. Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) are extensively used to achieve DFSS goals. FMEA helps identify possible failures and their potential impact on a design, manufacturing assembly process, or product or service and prioritize actions to address them. Six Sigma combines DFSS and tools like FMEA to reach its organizational goals through implementing DFSS and FMEA methodologies & concepts, and prioritizing process and design risks using FMEA.

For most organizations, long-term business sustenance is linked to innovation and rapid development of new products, in addition to safe, reliable, ecological and competitive services. In this regards, it is important to understand which aspects or specifications of the product or service are important to the client. Additionally, almost 80% of operational and quality problems stem from the initial design flaws or shortcomings. Together with the voice of customer (VOC) inclusion and building quality and reliability into the product or service with robust design process are the key objectives of the DFSS methodology.

Gurukul supports its clients in the DFSS for process, system, service and product design & redesign. Gurukul is flexible in its DFSS approach and includes the assessment of customer’s needs through assessing the design process within the client’s organization, customized learning program, technical coaching/ support in applying the DFSS and implementing the Gurukul’s DFSS Scorecard (a predictive tool for assessing the level of maturity of the organization in optimizing the design process).

Gurukul experts have been doing the DFSS activities for decades and are globally apt for the accurate and effective solution implementation. Please feel free to contact our representatives asap.