Customer Retention Program is the Master KEY!

Gurukul Catalysts will support in building your own customized customer interaction or retention program. This will be done within the first fortnight. The only time Dealership receives any benefits at all is when the customer buys in to your program and start returning to your dealership.

We strongly suggest keeping the program as simple as possible. Dealerships generally, already has some programs in place for like OEM supported or funded, we use these as a starting place for your customized program.

Upon receipt of a signed dealer agreement, we will get started on your customized customer interaction program. The information requested for this will include service reimbursement amounts or patterns, scripts of the email reminders, when you would like the reminders sent, terms you would like to offer for your own customized customer interaction program etc.

The review process of existing program and development of the modified or updated program needs study of the lacuna or defects or deficiencies of the dealership that might be holding the process at low effectiveness.

Once the study of the current scenario is finished the updated program can be prepared in temporary measures within a fortnight and put to good use or a trial run. The improvements felt during trial run would be included in formalising the permanent Customer Interaction Program.

Gurukul Customer Retention Program

Should you have further information requirement or clarification or business prospects & discussion etc, please get in touch with our representatives asap.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss feedbacks, reviews and even challenges in our offering so we can offer better & customized solutions to our esteemed clients in future. Please fill out the form below for more information.