Field Failure & Voice of Customer

The success and failure of the organization’s endeavors depends upon the single factor – whether the customer is inclined to buy your product or service? In case the customer is buying the products or service and they feel happy about it, the word of mouth publicity spreads faster than any news item and your sales start swelling day in day out. In case the customers are using your products or services and they have some complaints in it, they start reaching you asap from all nuke & corners with a speed of light. In case you are not able to resolve the complaints, the dissatisfaction of customers starts spreading with the equal speed and people start detracting about your offering and your sales figures start to slow down. This is not the complex of mathematics but simple common sense.

However the most complex aspect in this simple phenomenon is capturing the customer dissatisfaction as soon as possible in the perfect way & understand it clearly, then provide resolution of the same at the speed of light. Reach out to all those who are affected and try to pacify the effect of the negative publicity.

It really takes guts to read in between the lines and understand the “voice of customers” i.e. VOC. This requires deep understanding of the market, the consumer behaviour and the product or service characteristics. Finding these capabilities together in a single person is very difficult. Hence we require teams with specific expertise and then the war room kind of cohesive as well as coordinated efforts by all to resolve the issues at hand.

This mammoth task is made easy by Gurukul catalysts, who support in building the VOC capturing capability, problem solving skills and customer dissatisfaction resolution process to the client’s customer care as well as the service & field failure analysis teams. Our catalysts work with them on the field and develop their skills in line with the market, consumer and product environments. Please get in touch with our representative to take it further and find the best solution of your complex problem scenarios.