HR Effectiveness

The biggest advantage or the biggest asset, any dealership have is it’s PEOPLE. This is the only differentiator among all competitors and the best earning ones have got best of the talented persons on their rolls.

We may have online reporting tools that track your S.B.O. usage, product penetration and profits 24/7, by dealership and by individual. We may be on online portal of CRM or something similar. However these systems are applied to support the manpower that is going to handle the sales or operations or services etc. Hence Quality of People does matter.

For an example sake, let’s understand that the dealership is interested in “shorter and improved delivery process” of their products. Now they may employ a perfect “Delivery software”, that is a program designed to assist your sales staff with a perfect delivery every time. The software may be installed on each salesperson's computer or mobile phone. However the effectiveness and efficiency of the software can never exceed the effectiveness & efficiency of the people using it.

Hence Gurukul experts emphasize the Human Resource (HR) effectiveness by offering a targeted program for the People. Our training, hand holding, exposing and pay plans will generate more commission for your salespeople, service agents through innovative adjustments and replacements in the appropriate process constituents, thereby improving the effectiveness & efficiency altogether, resulting in higher commissions and less salesperson turnover, thus increased employee retention.

All this helps increase the bottom-line & top line profitability of the dealerships. Obviously, the software or IT tools or Apps will be better organized, optimally utilized and concisely handled by each organized salesperson, focussed service agents and expert consultants etc. through their efficient practices being deep rooted within, through Gurukul’s HR Effectiveness Program. In short, it will speed up your 360 degree delivery process!

HR Effectiveness Program

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