Knowledge Management Research Centre

Information & communication technology (ICT) and knowledge civilization are two vital driving services of 21st century. Internet and web-based technologies have led to a new era of knowledge creation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information. During the last decade, knowledge management (KM) has been identified as the major management initiative that will help organisations, institutions, people and information centres in fulfilling the objects of their fundamental activities, be it manufacturing, operations, research or education etc. Since Knowledge creation and sharing are broadly recognised as important & critical assets of any organisation, KM practices will lead to provide right information to right person at right time into a reality.

The Dexterity Gurukul’s Knowledge Management Research Centre (DxG-KMRC) enables and conduct research into:

1) Fundamental research interrogations related to mapping, codifying, extracting, and utilising various forms of knowledge in organisations and making these available at the time of usage and at the point of usage in real time scenario.

2) Developing innovative methods, models and tools to help Indian organizations, institutions and society, progress, build & sustain their principal Indian styled knowledge-based proficiencies and competitiveness in the global knowledge economy and era.

DxG-KMRC experts / catalysts have extensive research experiences in knowledge management, databases, semantic web, data warehousing and data mining, neural networks, grid semantics, e-Science, mobile learning objects and e-Learning, blended learning, multi-literacies and pedagogy, e-Health, e-security, and mobile technologies etc. These experiences have been acquired through ongoing research projects and which are disseminated through future assignments and projects being undertaken at our end.

Our experts facilitate processes and activities at DxG-KMRC to generate, capture and organize, exchange and share information and knowledge.

At DxG-KMRC, our core objectives & targets are:

  • Empower client’s staff and our business partners to capture, connect and share knowledge;
  • Improve the efficacy & effectiveness of DxG-KMRC led projects and research.
  • Collect, organize and license all DxG-KMRC research products and outputs for maximum re-use;
  • Extend the accessibility and visibility of DxG-KMRC’s research outputs and outcomes;
  • Present the database or background information from our works for others to easily understand and use our research;
  • Enable better education, sharing and coordination across DxG-KMRC projects and locations.