Problem Solving Skill

Gurukul’s services offerings are diverse and versatile with multi domain and multi industrial sectors. However at the core of all offerings, there is a key element, which is the core to everything. That is excellent problem solving skills of Gurukul’s catalysts. Effective problem solving skills enable people to analyze problems, identify problem severity and assess the impact of alternative solutions. They learn to use available resources to resolve issues in a constructive manner. Problem solving skill can be learnt and thus training designed to develop problem solving skills helps people to work more efficiently with co-workers, customers, partners and vendors.

Problem Statement
Professional program on problem solving and creative thinking starts with the skill of identifying the problem and writing the “right problem statement”. This is of utmost importance as most of the problem solving efforts go waste as the problem is not identified in the right spirit and the whole time & resources are spent of feeling based or gut feel problem symptoms only. Identification of right problem statement means “well begin half done.”

Root Cause Identification
Upon identifying the problem statement, the analysis and brainstorming activities are done to arrive at judgemental information and way forward. After listing all the relevant details about a problem, people generally have the knowledge required to propose possible solutions, based on their knowledge, gut-feel & experience. While looking for solutions, potential problem resolution strategies along with the risks and benefits associated with each one is enlisted and reviewed for correctness & linkage.

Based on the selected way forward, the root cause identification and analysis activity is started with collection of all evidences and performance parameters. Participants generally evaluate various options carefully in order to arrive at root cause. By making decisions effectively with the help of scientific and statistical methods and tools, participants work more effectively towards the root cause identification and pin point the right one. To evaluate root cause options, participants read case studies, interview experts and play online business simulation games etc.

Solution Proposing & Trial Run
Once the root cause of the problem is identified, the situation and specification of process & its input constituents is improved to match the probable improved solution. The process is run as per modified specification and a trial run result is established. This result is matched with the expected improvement level & specification. Should there be some gap in expectation & outcome, the root cause analysis and trial activities are rotated and with the right kind of achievement matching of the desired result and actual result, the solution is formally agreed for formal implementation.

Solution Implementation
Once the desired results of the problem solving project is arrived at, the first & foremost activity is to improve or update the operationstandard, SOP, Quality Standard, Process Standards, drawing, Layout etc. These formal documents or information is circulated to all concerned and old document or information is withdrawn. This is a critical factor, which is often overlooked in problem solving. Once the updated information& document is received by all usage point and end users, the implementation of formal & permanent solution is done and recorded.

Knowledge Management
After formal & permanent implementation of the right solution is ensured after few iterations and performance reviews, the process or problem solution team records the knowledge management by formally recoding the learning and challenges in this project or activity. This record is useful for future reference and knowledge management.

Gurukul Expertise in Problem Solving is unprecedented
Gurukul catalysts are expert at solving the problem with logical end results and accrued benefits in terms of tangible & non-tangible terms. Please feel free to contact our representatives for the best in class resources and know how.