Process Management & Support

Gurukul's core expertise & experience includes facilitating the identification and mapping of the business critical processes and leading process improvement projects for leading companies in the automotive, IT, engineering and Consumer Electronics industries sectors.

Many organizations find themselves struggling to be effective because different departments do not interface well with each other; no individual business function has a clear view of the end-to-end process involved in delivering the company's products and services. Process Mapping can help you see this bigger picture and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your business. Gurukul Catalysts can help your organization identify, scope, map and improve your key business processes and to break down functional barriers to business effectiveness and productivity by:

  • Increasing understanding of the importance of managing through processes.
  • Facilitating the identification of the main critical processes of your business, including those associated with Business Planning & Strategy, Product or Service Delivery, Resource & Relationship Management.
  • Helping you flowchart and map these critical processes and their component sub-processes, identifying the key interfaces between them, and breaking down functional barriers to business improvement.
  • Developing and implementing best practices such as Service Level Agreements or Process Diagram or process sheets or operation process etc., for the ongoing management of these processes.
  • Developing appropriate process performance measures and standards as a basis for monitoring, control and continual improvement.
  • Supporting process improvement activities, including process reviews and re-engineering, through training and support clinics and by directly facilitating improvement or re-engineering workshops on request.
  • Facilitating process benchmarking.
  • Total Robust Process Management Solutions.
  • Learning management for all skill / hierarchy levels for robust process management.

All these service are very distinct and exclusive in their own offerings. It's difficult to give detailed information of all these here. Kindly send us email requesting the specific service details. We shall be sending the detailed proposal as soon as possible.

The Gurukul Process Management & Support Service team understands the need of its client organizations in getting the specific services for their routine as well as specific business needs. Be it people outsourcing, process management, process re-engineering, business process outsourcing, knowlegde process outsourcing etc.

We can address both, short term and less budget requirements with our tailor made business support services. We are able to support in case the client is willing to OUTSOURCE their processes which they deem support process in their value chain. Various advantages of getting such services from Gurukul are listed as under :

  • Allied business processes takes additional (sometimes more) resources of the client's organization. Based on cost benefit scenario all such support processes and functions can be performed by us at the client's premise and hand over the end result to them on time within budget. Be it short term marketing campaign or a long term business analysis activity, we are adept at it.
  • Certain process and functions are periodically loaded and hence it's not wise to put permanent manpower to such activities. Based on the mutual agreement, Gurukul promise to complete the task at client's organization at stipulated timeframe at periodic intervals. This saves huge cost at client's end and their profitability is enhanced.
  • Certain N.V.A. (Non-Value-Adding) activities are the part and parcel of the business process. Consider waiting for input, stock in transit, waiting for sequential process, data scattered over network, photocopy and scanning activities, computer and network maintenance work etc., all these activities are N. V. A. as far as the final products are concerned. Hence all such activities are handled by our outsourcing partners on behalf of the client, at their end, in order for the clients to ensure focussing on the smooth product / service realization, which is their actual business goal.

People are the one key that allows an organisation to succeed with its process excellence endeavors. In a tight market, attracting the right people is often challenging in itself, and yet this is only the start. Having the right people is necessary, but motivating and ultimately retaining those people is crucial for real business success. If we really understand people, we can start to find ways to match people who have the core strengths required for the role, to the role we have available. This allows people to use less effort and energy, feel more fulfilled, and achieve better performance. Here Gurukul offered 360 degree services helps the clients realize their own potential.