Sales & After Sales Profitability Program

Gurukul Catalysts believe that Sales process must be profitable to the organization since the largest expense any dealership has been the untrained sales staff and excessive emphasis to sell the product or service somehow.

We believe that today’s customers require consultative selling that the sales force must be perceived as a consultant by the customer. The more successful any sales consultant is at convincing the customer that he / she is there to help them, the easier it is to overcome objections and close the sale efficiently & effectively.

Gurukul Catalysts empathize with the sincere efforts being put in salesforce agents of the dealers, still the optimal & probably the only way to become a successful sales consultant to the customer is simply to gain their trust and to be more knowledgeable about products, offers and business than they could be

Gurukul’s Salesforce Development Program is the key to the Sales Profitability up. We work directly with the team on off site, classroom and onsite, with customers etc. and handhold the process with them to make the impact felt and imprint on the hearts & minds of the sales consultants. Regular reviews ensure that they remain on course and keep improving through continual improvement process.

The Sales profitability affects the organization directly and thus it becomes critiacl to monitor & control this crucial process.

Salesforce Development Program

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