Service & After Sales Profitability Program

Gurukul Catalysts offer a complete service & after sales profit program that generally have an everlasting effect on dealer’s bottom-edge profits. We offer highly specialized technical know-how and productive trainings, customized software based diagnostics and new, state-of-the-art appearance protection, to name a few.

Our offers are perceived as a high value by your customers as well as a quick, clean installation & process does not expose dealership to additional costs, like it may not require a separate or exclusive service stall etc.

Our paint sealant and application process training or the appearance protection process training offers to reduce huge input costs for the for surface or rust damage protection processes as well as reduces costly wastages.

Simply put, our service experts have designed these programs to increase your bottom-edge profits, service profits and customer retention simultaneously.

Our experts or catalysts regularly visits your dealership on a monthly basis, tracking and training your management and staff, all while allowing your dealership the ability to offer a higher quality service and warranty to your customer at lower input costs and negligible wastages.

Service & After Sales Program

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