Business Planning and Strategy Management

Business today is a distressing deed! As stated by Bill Gates in his work, "Business is a funny game - No rules and lots of Competition"; it's really difficult to manage and grow any business these days without the right mix of people, policy, planning, place, process and strategies. A single little step in the wrong direction may spoil the whole game forever.

Hence what businesses today need is – agility and innovation at each step. That’s where Dexterity Gurukul comes handy with most of its clients. Our experts have combined experience of almost 100 man-years in the business development, strategy development and performance improvement projects and programs at SME to Fortune 500 organizations. The stakes are higher than ever these days and hence a helping hand in the right direction and right time is the best bet any organization may have.

Gurukul Catalysts are experienced in the business & strategy development activities which are critical to the core of business thriving and sustaining on a long term planning basis. These core activities where Gurukul can help our esteemed clients / associates are listed as under :

  • Innovation and R&D Program Management and Assessment,
  • Corporate, marketing and operations level strategic, tactical and long term HOSHIN planning, implementation and improvement program,
  • Trial or Test marketing campaigns and market research projects,
  • Investment or Feasibility Studies – New Project, New Product / Service and New Place etc.
  • Conceptualization of New Products / Services through customer requirement assessment and market feedback evaluation,
  • Technology Transfer and Search for Partners to meet or exceed inherent business growth aspirations& needs,
  • Business Planning, Execution and Performance reviews for sustainable business development,
  • Corporate governance, Risk Management & Customer Service, Ethics Management, CRM projects or programs.

All these service are very distinct and exclusive in their own offerings. It's not possible to give details of all these here. Kindly send us email requesting the specific service details. We shall be sending the detailed proposal as soon as possible.