Business System & Compliance

Even by the stand of Indian regulation adherence practice histories, in 21st century, the technology and business have evolved to such a stage where compliance demands are not a matter of choice any longer. More & More legislations are coming out on all business aspects and the dealers and aftermarket constituents are also affected by many such regulations, laws, rules and act of government or standardization institutions.

Gurukul’s compliance solutions team was constituted from the ground up specifically for the compliance procedures and risk assessment required in dealerships, be it automotive, electronics, electrical or engineering product & service. Over a period of continual learning and improvements as well as improvisation, we have grown expert and teacher-like for our clients. For any current & future requirements in compliance or risk assessment domain is directly referred to our catalysts on regular basis.

With compliance challenges in mind, Gurukul's compliance division offers comprehensive compliance audits, training and customized programs for your dealership.

1) Third Party Audits are a requirement of any effective compliance program. Gurukul’s catalysts help dealerships conduct the audits for their organization / location that are required by the standardization institution or government agencies.

2) They include but are not limited to the Quality System audits, Environment System Audits, Occupational Health & Safety System Audits, Hazardous Material or Chemical Audits, OEM system Compliance Audits, Financial Audits, State or Local or National level government or regulatory audits etc.

3) These audits help to protect dealerships against potential employee or others’ fraudulent practices and other potential litigation etc. Hence it’s necessary to audit and scrutinize the situation beforehand. Gurukul experts work with the client organizations in making them safe and sound in terms of the compliances.

Compliance & Regulations Services

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