Dexterity Gurukul - Its different !

We are different! This is not just an acronym. Our long list of long time allies and clients is the live testimony to it.

Its really challenging to become and remain different and ahead of our competitors. Gurukul offers the excellence in Business & Market Research & Solution, Business Innovation Consulting, HR education & engagement, and Improvement Projects. We undertake the client's business ROI / outcome improvement projects with profit linked evaluation criteria. This ensures relevance of the program to participants and consolidates the transfer of learning back to the workplace with evidence of tangible benefits. Our state of the art learning management solution is sought after the world over and gives instant ROI and effectiveness improvement.

With many years of research in these areas, one would imagine that there would be a simple formula companies could adopt to achieve success. Gurukul experts understand that there is no magic formula as each company has its own unique pseudo personality and working culture. We have extensive Human & Engineering capabilities and work round the clock with companies to understand their vision, their existing culture, existing programs, and, in partnership with them, works to identify processes and programs that will help them evolve to the promising & positive business culture that supports the ever evolving progressive direction of their organisation.

Now imagine the benefits of taking perpetual companionship with the Dexterity Gurukul team, fondly termed as Catalysts, which may ensure complete peace of mind for you for the peripheral and support processes and routines, taken care by us, so that you can focus on your core business. We are sure that your infinite aspirations and audacious dreams for your business must be including some or all of these aspects:
1) Business growth in inspirational directions
2) Increasing profits with highest resource utilization and efficacy in ideas enactment.
3) Employees bringing their hearts and minds at work.
4) Working with vital few inputs that yield 80% of strategic output.
5) Sustained business through character, conformance, compliance and calibre building.

Each organization is different from every other company out there. Many of the general services we offer will benefit all, but what if any particular need go beyond this? That’s where Dexterity Gurukul’s strength in designing tailored solutions can really help. We specialize in the design and development of new business problem solving, improvement projects at generic, strategic & tactical levels. Additionally we are apt at design to delivery (D2D) in learning and development programs to address specific organisational skill shortages or the development of key competencies to enable corporate success.