Research @ Technology

Cutting-edge technological power is required for conducting highly reliable business activities that can attain safe and reliable achievements and sustainable business. For that reason, an advanced and forward looking research and development (R&D) is important for every business these days, which can be engaged in R&D in fundamental technologies that can be commonly applied in the business fields of the parent organization.

Technologies necessary for future projects that are exposed to the severe competitive environment are unique, and many areas are still unexplored, hence researches on these hot topics requires leading-edge researchers and participants. Dexterity Gurukul enables the research & innovation services for its clients as onsite as well as offsite offerings. Generic themes of the research initiatives includes but not limited to the Products, Services, Program Management, Robust Engineering, Knowledge Management, Organisations Development, HR Research etc.

We are also keen in working on projects that assesses the efficacy of the six-sigma quality processes on construction and building projects, manufacturing of engineering goods, food processing and food processing equipment manufacturing etc. The research projects potentially improve quality implementation within various industries and therefore, depending on the results, the research projects will impact upon how six sigma is used within industry.

Dexterity Gurukul is committed to bring together a broad range of disciplines, from mechanical, ICT, robotics to bio-engineering and computer technology to microwave research etc. To find out more about the world-leading research members from the Gurukul initiatives, please explore the research centres by contacting our representative.

Dexterity Gurukul encourages the researchers from the public, private, institutional, and educational or client’s domain submit their proposals and these proposals are evaluated at the core Research group’s meeting. Given the research project being approved, the core team will guide the research team and start working with them. Feel free to contact our representatives for the Research services.