Training Management - Aftermarket

The biggest expense any dealership may have is an untrained and poorly prepared staff.

Hiring new employees is time consuming and expensive, and the costs increase if you make a hiring mistake. Gurukul Catalysts have the experience and skill in professional development and engagement of all levels of employees to save precious time and money.

Whether you're a car dealership looking to train or an individual looking for better training for future employment, we can help. The global alliance of training organization with leaders of the domain helps Gurukul to make such courses, content and curricula available at your door step, which practically transform the general skilled persons in expert skilled consultants.

Not only we can make your ordinary staff members do the extra-ordinary performances, we can also increase your chances of getting the best people, as we are working inside of the box.

Should there be need of an already trained manpower or for filling up a vacancy, please feel free to contact us. We have been training thousands of technicians, consultants and officers since our inception and have a great network for such professionals.

Training & Development Programs

Code Program Title Period
QS001 Six Sigma Breakthrough Approach 1 Day 
QS002 Lean Enterprise Practices 1 Day 
QS008 Six Sigma Green Belt Course - Service Sector 5 Days
QS009 Six Sigma Black Belt Course - Service Sector 5 Days
QS010 Lean Enterprise Practices -  Service Sector 1 Day 
QM001 Certified Internal Auditor For ISO 9001:2015 2 Days 
QM002 Planning, Implementation & Documentation For ISO 9001:2015 2 Days 
QM006 SPC / SQC For ISO 9001:2015 2 Day 
QM007 Implementing ISO 14001:2004 1 Day 
QM008 Certified Internal Auditor For ISO 14001:2004 2 Day 
QM009 Environmental, Occupational, Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS  18001 With ISO 14001) 1 Day 
QM012 Certified Quality Supervisor 1 Day 
QM013 Certified Quality Engineer 2 Day 
QT01 Implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) 2 Day 
QT02 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) & Industrial Safety 2 Day 
QT03 Lean Manufacturing Practices 2 Day 
QT04 Basic 7 QC Tools 2 Day 
QT06 Quality Circles Management 1 Day 
MJ001 Kaizen Management  1 Days
MJ003 Mizu Shumashi Concept Deployment  1 Day
MJ004 Workplace Management  3 Days
MJ005 Daily Management (Nichi-Jo-Kanri)  2 days
MJ007 San-Gen-Shyugi Deployment  1 Day
MJ009 Ho-Ren-So Concept   1 Day
MJ010 Muri - Mura - Muda Concept  1 Day 
MJ012 Waste Reduction and Elimination  1 Day
MJ013 Pull Systems  1 Day
MJ014 Problem Solving Skills  1 Days
MJ015 Five WHY Analysis  1 Day
MJ016 Five W - Two H Concept  1 Day
MJ020 Kan-Ban Concept Deployment  1 Day
MJ021 Andon System Deployment  1 Day
MJ022 ONE-PAGE-REPORT Implementation 1 Day 
MW004 Management Guru Speaks 1 Day 
MW005 Assertive Communication with Negotiation  Skills  2 Days
MW009 Better Office Work Management 1 Day 
MW010 Fundamental of Lean Management  2 Days
MW014 Supplier Collaboration  2 Days
MW015 Customer Relationship Management  2 Days
MN001 Creativity Development  2 Days
MN002 Success through collective Efforts 1 Day 
MN004 Leadership Development 2 Day 
MN005 Management Skill Development  2 Days
MN006 Group Dynamics & Team Building  2 Days
MN008 Human Resource Management & Development 1 Day 
MN009 Basic Finance & Budgeting Skills for Manager 1 Day 
MN010 Enhancing Employee Contribution & Potential 1 Day 
MN011 Secrecy and Confidentiality Management 1 Day 
MN012 Global Core Competency 1 Day 
MN013 Facilities & Infrastructure Management 1 Day 
MN014 Budget Planning and Forecasting Management 1 Day 
MP001 Personal Quality Development 1 Day 
MP002 Presentation & Public Speaking Skills 1 Day 
MP003 Computer Skills 1 Day 
MP004 Effective Time Management 1 Day 
MP005 Positive Mental Attitude  1 Day 
MP006 Brainstorming Skills 1 Day 
MP007 Creative idea generation 1 Day 
MP008 Meeting Management 1 Day 
MP009 Personality Development 1 Day 
MP010 Interpersonal Skills & Group Dynamics 1 Day 
MP011 Ambitiousness 1 Day 
MP012 The Power of Listening 1 Day 
MP013 Conflict Management 1 Day 
MP014 The DREAM Cycle Management 1 Day 
MP015 General Telephone Skills 1 Day 
MP016 Control Your Habits 1 Day 
MP017 Who is a Winner 1 Day 
BD001 Business Planning & Growth Strategies 1 Day 
BD007 Corporate Customer Service projects 1 Day 
BD009 Learning management for Organizational Development 1 Day 
BD013 Information Security Management System 1 Day