Training Management - Operations

Many businesses make the mistake of putting too little effort into the "people" side of initiatives or projects and then wonder why implementation is less successful than expected. Why is this? There are a number of reasons but one of the most important is that the intangible part of successful implementation is (much) more difficult to quantify in terms of monetary benefit. Consequently during the project this activity is often seen as optional (an "if there is time" attitude). It is only afterwards, with the benefit of hindsight when implementation has failed in some way, that the people bit is seen to be a "must do" not a "nice to do". By then it is often too late.

If you are involved in any change situations in your business, people will be foremost and first to resist any change. This makes the change difficult in the wake of people not ready to change the old times habits and old way of working. Hence we need to tackle this aspect first.

Although each stage has its own particular tools the model can be used flexibly on a "mix and match" basis as circumstances require. One thing is certain, no matter how big or small the project, there will be "people" implications which could easily undermine its success. From rolling out a business-wide initiative to training specific people to use the tools or helping to facilitate change sessions, choose Gurukul as your partner to meet the "soft" challenge!

Gurukul Catalysts may help your organization to address this "soft" side by using a structured human resource development approach based on a flexible toolkit. Key stages of our change model cover:

  • Project Framework set-up
  • Making the business case and Implementation Plan
  • Developing an appropriate vision
  • Getting buy-in from staff at all levels
  • Rolling out the learning and development process
  • Creating role leaders, change agents from within
  • Starting the change process and celebrating their initial success
  • Making sure the changes will last by motivating them for continual improvement.

Our style of delivery in all our work is focused very much on people values and this is strongly rooted in everyone who works at Gurukul. We have experience in many different sectors including manufacturing; retail; transport; telecommunications; information technology; design & engineering services …. the list is expanding all the time. Gurukul Catalysts also have experience in a range of public sector organizations including central and local government; education etc. This experience has given the Gurukul team a wealth of know-how in performance improvement. All our Catalysts are experienced trainers / practitioners, we do not usually ‘delegate’ to junior staff, when it comes to sharing know how and experience.

Major Training Programs

Code Program Title Period
QS001 Six Sigma Breakthrough Approach 1 Day 
QS002 Lean Enterprise Practices 1 Day 
QS003 SQC / SPC Application Engineer 1 Day 
QS004 Six Sigma Implementation Planning 1 Day 
QS005 Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course  3 Days
QS006 Six Sigma Green Belt Course 5 Days
QS007 Six Sigma Black Belt Course 5 Days
QS008 Six Sigma Green Belt Course - Service Sector 5 Days
QS009 Six Sigma Black Belt Course - Service Sector 5 Days
QS010 Lean Enterprise Practices -  Service Sector 1 Day 
QM001 Certified Internal Auditor For ISO 9001:2015 2 Days 
QM002 Planning, Implementation & Documentation For ISO 9001:2015 2 Days 
QM003 ISO 9001:2015 For Educational Institutions 1 Day 
QM004 ISO 9001:2015For Hospital / Health Care Units 1 Day 
QM005 Calibration System For ISO 9001:2015 1 Day 
QM006 SPC / SQC For ISO 9001:2015 2 Day 
QM007 Implementing ISO 14001:2004 1 Day 
QM008 Certified Internal Auditor For ISO 14001:2004 2 Day 
QM009 Environmental, Occupational, Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS  18001 With ISO 14001) 1 Day 
QM010 Implementing ISO / TS 16949:2009 1 Day 
QM011 Certified Internal Auditor For  ISO / TS 16949:2009 2 Day 
QM012 Certified Quality Supervisor 1 Day 
QM013 Certified Quality Engineer 2 Day 
QM014 Certified Quality Manager 3 Day 
QM015 Business Process Management 2 Day 
QT01 Implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) 2 Day 
QT02 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) & Industrial Safety 2 Day 
QT03 Lean Manufacturing Practices 2 Day 
QT04 Basic 7 QC Tools 2 Day 
QT05 New 7 Quality Management (Planning) Tools) 3 Day 
QT06 Quality Circles Management 1 Day 
QT07 Process Quality Improvement - Service Sector 2 Day 
MJ001 Kaizen Management  1 Days
MJ002 J.I.T. Concepts  2 Days
MJ003 Mizu Shumashi Concept Deployment  1 Day
MJ004 Workplace Management  3 Days
MJ005 Daily Management (Nichi-Jo-Kanri)  2 days
MJ006 Policy Management (Hoshin Kanri)  2 Days
MJ007 San-Gen-Shyugi Deployment  1 Day
MJ008 Deming's 14 Points  1 Day
MJ009 Ho-Ren-So Concept   1 Day
MJ010 Muri - Mura - Muda Concept  1 Day 
MJ011 Toyota Production System  1 Day
MJ012 Waste Reduction and Elimination  1 Day
MJ013 Pull Systems  1 Day
MJ014 Problem Solving Skills  1 Days
MJ015 Five WHY Analysis  1 Day
MJ016 Five W - Two H Concept  1 Day
MJ017 DST-PDCA Cycle Deployment  1 Day
MJ018 Man Maximum - Machine Minimum 1 Day
MJ019 Auto-No-Motion Deployment  1 Days
MJ020 Kan-Ban Concept Deployment  1 Day
MJ021 Andon System Deployment  1 Day
MJ022 ONE-PAGE-REPORT Implementation 1 Day 
MJ023 JISUI Deployment  2 Days
MW001 Corporate Governance  3 Days
MW002 Risk Management 2 Days
MW003 Creative Design Team  2 Days
MW004 Management Guru Speaks 1 Day 
MW005 Assertive Communication with Negotiation  Skills  2 Days
MW006 Business Foresight  2 Days
MW007 Seven Productivity Tools  2 Days
MW008 Seven Creativity Tools  2 Days
MW009 Better Office Work Management 1 Day 
MW010 Fundamental of Lean Management  2 Days
MW011 Eight D Methodology  2 Days
MW012 Information Management System 1 Day 
MW013 Enterprise Resource Planning  2 Days
MW014 Supplier Collaboration  2 Days
MW015 Customer Relationship Management  2 Days
MN001 Creativity Development  2 Days
MN002 Success through collective Efforts 1 Day 
MN003 Quality Culture Deployment  2 Days
MN004 Leadership Development 2 Day 
MN005 Management Skill Development  2 Days
MN006 Group Dynamics & Team Building  2 Days
MN007 Life behind Quality Dikes  2 Days
MN008 Human Resource Management & Development 1 Day 
MN009 Basic Finance & Budgeting Skills for Manager 1 Day 
MN010 Enhancing Employee Contribution & Potential 1 Day 
MN011 Secrecy and Confidentiality Management 1 Day 
MN012 Global Core Competency 1 Day 
MN013 Facilities & Infrastructure Management 1 Day 
MN014 Budget Planning and Forecasting Management 1 Day 
MN015 Project Management 1 Day 
MP001 Personal Quality Development 1 Day 
MP002 Presentation & Public Speaking Skills 1 Day 
MP003 Computer Skills 1 Day 
MP004 Effective Time Management 1 Day 
MP005 Positive Mental Attitude  1 Day 
MP006 Brainstorming Skills 1 Day 
MP007 Creative idea generation 1 Day 
MP008 Meeting Management 1 Day 
MP009 Personality Development 1 Day 
MP010 Interpersonal Skills & Group Dynamics 1 Day 
MP011 Ambitiousness 1 Day 
MP012 The Power of Listening 1 Day 
MP013 Conflict Management 1 Day 
MP014 The DREAM Cycle Management 1 Day 
MP015 General Telephone Skills 1 Day 
MP016 Control Your Habits 1 Day 
MP017 Who is a Winner 1 Day 
BD001 Business Planning & Growth Strategies 1 Day 
BD002 Development of New Products / Services 2 Days 
BD003 R&D Program Management & Assessment 2 Days 
BD004 Technology Transfer and Search for Partners, 1 Day 
BD005 Breakthrough Leadership & Driving Change 2 Days 
BD006 Corporate and Strategic Planning 2 Days 
BD007 Corporate Customer Service projects 1 Day 
BD008 Total Strategy Management Solutions 1 Day 
BD009 Learning management for Organizational Development 1 Day 
BD010 Market Research and Feedback Management 1 Day 
BD011 Total Employee Satisfaction (TES) Management 1 Day 
BD012 Global Supply Chains & International Market 1 Day 
BD013 Information Security Management System 1 Day 
BD014 Corporate Budgeting & Forecasting Management 2 Days 
BD015 Business Process Management 2 Days