Dexterity Gurukul - A strong & sky targetted building requires strongest & deepest foundation!

Dexterity Gurukul work in many diverse sectors including manufacturing, retail, transport, telecommunications, information technology, design & engineering service …. the list is expanding all the time, including but not limited to a range of public sector organizations including central and local government, education institutes, higher learning organization etc. The diverse kind of clients pose the challenge of satisfying the needs of every different kind of customer expectation. This is possible only due to the strong value system adopted by our corporate & group companies. This strong rooted value base can be explained in brief through:
1) Focus on achieving Customer's Objectives & Targets.
Our customers are the main reason of our existence. If they prosper, grow and be successful, we shall automatically succeed. It's their success, crucial to our catalysts. Hence we always focus at the business policies, target setting , process etc so as to provide the appropriate suggestion right there , even before implementation. Also we keenly review our associates business results more keenly than any one in order to find out even a single venue of improvement.
2) Work always on long term relationship basis.
Business evolve over times. Many crucial policies and plans do not bring overnight changes or results. We share the concern of our customers in long term viability of various business policies and planning. We help our customers through these trial & error phases and help them take timely countermeasures well in advance.
3) Deliver more than our Customer expects from us.
What it takes to exceed the customer expectation? We share common concerns as that of our Customers and try to solve the problems as if these are ours not theirs. This attachment to the situation help us exceed the customer's expected results.
4) Deliver optimum value at reasonable costs.
We deliver value through performance not preaching. The practical and measurable business outcomes are evidence to this. On top of it, all this is delivered to our valued customers at a reasonable cost , optimally low as compared with the industry standard.
5) Young, sincere and ever learning Catalysts.
We are young & sincere by heart ! And we always wish to be like that only. It's our business value. Our team members are rightly called Catalysts because of the fact that they are the key to start, ignite and magnify the improvement scope for & within our esteemed customer's business objectives. Our Catalysts focus to accelerate the rate of positive changes in our associate's (client / customer) organization.

We are ever learning and do not claim to succeed in all circumstances. But success is our commitment to our customers. We earn it through hard work, continual improvement and perseverance!

Dexterity Gurukul emerged from its principle Corporate's hard work of a decade and hence most of its value base & system are obviously attributed to the Group Corporate. While deciding on the vision of this venture, after careful examination it was understood by the top management that Gurukul's aspirations and targets are already covered in group's value base. Hence it has adopted this Vision Statement of it's Group Corporate, along with its explanatory premises:

We are dedicated to offer our customers, the products and services of highest quality at reasonable price, through innovative ideas & value for money solutions, by harnessing human creativity.

At Dexterity Gurukul, we care about people and their plans for their future. Our job is to help our clients, their families and their businesses meet their long-term financial goals by helping them to grow, protect, manage and enjoy their wealth. The Vision Statement can be further explained through these premises:
1) A focus on your goals
We customize our approach to each client, helping you develop a carefully crafted financial plan that can meet your objectives and, in many cases, save you and your heirs from incurring avoidable taxes and other costs.
2) A focus on individuals and teams
We can provide guidance for all aspects of your people management plan, including recruitment management and career planning, retention planning, special needs planning, employee care planning, business uncertainty and risk management etc.
3) A focus on business stake holders
We have particular expertise in serving business stakeholders, as they seek to provide benefits that can help them secure their own future and attract and retain key employees. We help you maximize advantages and ultimately grow your business and your wealth. We can help you structure and manage employee compensation and benefits programs, including qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, deferred compensation and others.
4) Experience in multiple disciplines
We bring together a team of professional advisers on your behalf, including financial managers and specialists in Employee Engagement and Care planning, Special Needs planning, life insurance and risk management. Working collaboratively, these experts will help you develop an integrated strategy that considers your unique and sophisticated Employee planning objectives, your priorities and your values.
5) A track record of success
Our experience – with many different types of clients through various market environments – gives us the perspective and knowledge to serve you effectively.